Talent acquisition in India, especially among startups is still ad-hoc in approach. As I talked about in brand fundamental about the dual combination of strategy and imagination, this would be definitely applicable to the best of talent and innovators in the marketing industry. Brand and marketing leaders have these skills (superpowers) – Imagination & strategy, creative & finance, design & numbers, rational & emotional.

They exhibit both sides of the dual superpowers because that’s how customers/ consumer think and react.

Because that’s how consumption patterns evolve: linear and non-linear patterns, predictable and unpredictable purchases.

Because that’s how companies sell their product/ service to customers: rational & emotional engagement.

Because that is how a product/ service is designed: functional and aesthetic.

Because that is how great businesses are built: logic and intuition, people and product, culture and spreadsheet.

Another type of superpower you can look out for is the “T” shape personality (an attribute given to leaders across sectors).

“The T shape personality is someone who would have a depth of expertise in one focus area/ skill and breadth of experience/ knowledge across a few domains/ sectors.”

Example for a T-shape personality in brand management would be someone who has an expertise in brand building, brand strategy or brand activities but for such an expertise you need a breadth of background in marketing, retail, design, media or digital media/ technology.

A great brand marketer would have:

  • Loves execution as much as idea generation.
  • Has strong imagination as much as strategy to back it up.
  • Harnesses creativity but tracks the numbers and data to continually learn/ improve.
  • Observes its consumers/ market, influence the customers/ market.
  • Engages the audience in foreground, retrieves back to allow viral marketing in background.

Now the next time you want to try hiring a brand & marketing team, look out for the dual superpower !