“Business or technology can be replicated but not brands.”


Brands are dynamic in a fast-evolving market in India and in an inter-connected global economy.
We build a strategic and creative roadmap for the business by clearly articulating its purpose, identity, and approach. This creates a distinct, differentiated and positive value for its brand and business.
This strategy is extended across all the functions of business, organization beyond marketing.


Brand building is not a one-time exercise, it requires a consistent effort and a seamless creative experience. We help in starting this process from the most relevant path and continue to guide the business in an ever-changing market.

Branding covers broadly the first stage of brand strategy, brand creation (identity & design), followed by the second stage of brand standardization.

The image below shares the brand engagement cycle with startups and businesses.



Brand positioning & strategy
Brand identity
Brand & Design Language
Brand Manual & Standardisation
Brand building + Marketing strategy
Brand management

Brand Building & Management 

Building a brand takes time, it needs a consistent effort and newer creative experiences through its marketing channels. Brand needs to be nurtured, requiring short-term outcomes and long-term value creation for startups and businesses.

Brand building stage requires the brand core values and its strategy to consistently translate across all marketing and organization functions such as: Marketing, Digital, Media, PR, Design experience, Retail, Product/ service experience, organisation culture and HR/ talent acquisition.

Brand building involves

  • Translate brand strategy into specific strategies for digital, marketing, design, retail, PR, media and business functions.
  • Execute marketing, digital, media projects that pilot and improve the brand experience.
  • Liaise and hire creative agencies for execution to build long-term resources for the brand and business.

Brand management is the last stage of Brand Lab engagement where we support businesses & startups (especially startups beyond growth stage) to integrate a fully functional brand and marketing team and help focus on the long-term brand value creation.

Brand management involves

  • Support in discovering and hiring talent in brand & marketing.
  • Focus on brand and marketing planning for the business to streamline management.
  • Full integrated brand and marketing team with diverse creative resources/ agencies on board.
  • Focus on building brand “culture” in the company.
  • Exploring brand innovation, creative brand and marketing experience.

Are you curious why brand lab with these services? We tell you here why us