“Building a brand is like making a movie, with diverse skills and knowledge working in collaboration”

Brand lab model recognises specific needs and gaps in the market to make a brand led business strong and charismatic by customised services and contextual training programs. We offer specific brand training programs in leadership branding / personal branding, reimagine workshops (design thinking), rebranding projects, hiring brand talent, developing brand culture and brand governance.

We offer one-on-one (founders, CEO, leaders) or team led workshops and programs that are customized to the business in collaboration with the client’s team.

  • Re:imagine workshops

    The workshops are customized and designed to address specific brand challenges for a business. The idea of “re-imagination” is required in a hyper-competitive market where we need to think out-of-box in real time that creates a competitive advantage for brand.

    Our workshop examples

    1.  Design thinking workshops for brand and marketing teams
    2.  Re-imagining specific sector or business
    3.  Activating consumer engagement
    4.  Reimagine retail experience / brand experience
    5.  Brand messaging
    6.  Realigning brand/ sub-brand assets

  • Re:Branding

    Many startups and business after a period of time realise the need for re-branding and revisiting its brand core and business value proposition. Rebranding is an intense exercise involving senior management/ core team that re-imagine its business and brand by leveraging the previous experience. The rebranding process can include all or relevant steps of branding mentioned in our brand services section.

    We also revisit the brand core, build a positioning and brand strategy that can be translated across functions similar to our brand lab functions. We help businesses to consider measuring the brand growth before and after its re-branding exercise to monitor and improve its brand/ marketing goals.

  • Branding Leadership

    “Leadership branding or personal branding is about being discovered, not about marketing yourself.”

    A big opportunity for founder branding, senior management/ leadership branding to help position themselves and build a personal brand aligned to their company brand or independently create their own “brand” within an industry, market or sector. The personalised training and services are:

    1. Personal branding
    2. Leadership branding
    3. Responsible leadership & ethics
    4. Thought leadership
    5. PR approach to leadership branding

    This exercise positively contributes to the overall company image, brand value in the market and brand credibility among its target audience.

    We will continue to provide personal branding tools, leadership branding tips and insights in our Brand Thinking section and youtube channel.

  • Sustainability Brand & Business

    We are conscious that the world is moving towards sustainability with the urgency of protecting the environment, for a healthy and sustainable living. Sustainability focused businesses can leverage a great value as a brand with strong customer connect and loyalty with growing consumer consciousness towards sustainability. Recycle, upcycle and zero-waste focused businesses are growing in international markets and finding its relevance in India too.

    Sustainability focus in business and brand in India is at nascent stage but it is the future. We have developed our consulting expertise and capacity in sustainability design, branding, brand building and marketing for sustainability focused businesses.

  • Talent Acquisition

    Brand lab supports HR team in business to discover and hire dynamic and experienced candidates for its brand, creative and marketing team. We help them define the criteria of scouting talent, and screening them through various rounds to find the best talent.  We also offer a standardization program for HR teams to discover, hire and nurture creative teams as part of the organization culture.

    Are you curious why brand lab with training services? Our brand thinking section regularly shares quality insights on each topic above.

  • Brand Governance

    Brands churn regular marketing activities across channels in various formats and require “consistency” to retain brand authenticity. As the organisation grows and its outreach increases, the brand/ marketing team needs to closely manage and protect its brand to avoid dilution, damage or controversy.

    Brand governance is a critical training and management exercise for the business leadership to integrate and implement in its operation. Brand governance articulates it brand core, the interpretation of brand for teams, usage guidelines and reputation management. This requires the business or startup at growth stage to develop the brand maturity to bring the governance across functions.

    Get in touch with us for more information.

  • Brand Innovation

    Brand clinics looks at agile and innovation driven training workshops such as:

    1.  Brand & design audits
    2.  Category branding
    3.  Brand campaign
    4.  Brand voice
    5.  Brand architecture
    6.  Brand co-creation
    7. Sustainable brand & business
    8.  Measuring brand value
    9.  Managing multiple brand assets

  • Brand Culture

    As Peter Drucker famously quoted that a “company culture can eat strategy for breakfast”, we believe brand culture can help a business to build a more sustainable competitive advantage in spite of market uncertainties.  Building a brand culture requires a collective and consistent effort that brings long-term benefits to the company, its team, operation and growth of business.

    Our approach to building a brand culture is to create a set of rituals, role models and symbols that helps the company align its team for a collective outcome. This also helps us to align a large business with multiple brand assets or sub-brands to strategically create a coherent culture internally. More insights on brand culture on our Brand Thinking section.