The Brand Lab functions as a plug and play format of translating brand strategy across the following functions as a lean-model of execution. The lab consulting focuses on providing strategy for each function and liaise with relevant agencies to execute a few projects before handing over to the client’s marketing team. 

  • Marketing

    Brand is what the business stands for and marketing delivers the brand experience to its customers.
    Brand has a core proposition/ values and marketing is distribution and delivery of those values to its customers. It is critical for businesses to integrate brand and marketing functions strategically with a “yin-yang” approach to catalyse business growth and Return on Investments (RoI). Our marketing strategy covers ATL and BTL activities and integrates the brand strategy into the marketing calendar of the business. We also cover advertising separately in terms of strategy and approach that is aligned to the brand. Businesses, especially Indian startups often confuse advertising as a brand building approach and heavily burn capital on advertising as a “short-cut” for marketing. Marketing needs to be consistent and aligned to the brand across all channels of marketing and distribution.
    Read more about brand & marketing relationship here.

    Services offered

    1.  Marketing insights and strategy
    2.  Planning marketing activities based on the brand strategy.
    3.  Liaising with agencies to execute marketing projects.
    4.  Advertising approach and strategy.

  • Digital

    “Digital is the future and digital marketing is a tool half as effective without a clear brand strategy.”

    Majority of digital marketing initiatives across startups do not consider brand strategy as the starting point for digital marketing in startups. A brand with clarity and objective can ensure the approach and execution of digital marketing is tight to achieve its goals to begin with. Brand building involves overlaying strategy for social media marketing and other digital marketing initiatives. Digital marketing also needs to be strategically planned with offline marketing, PR activities to maximize the marketing or sales target.

    Strategy services covered

    1.   Digital branding
    2.   Digital marketing
    3.   Social media marketing

  • Branded Content

    Branded content and content marketing is one of the most effective marketing tool globally but in India, few startups and businesses have completely understood and leveraged it. Branded content is a valuable asset for a business to effectively market and engage its audience more deeply for a long-term loyalty. Branded content can be leveraged across multiple platforms, especially through digital platform, multiple channels can be optimized to engage audience with branded content. The diverse customer market is hungry for quality content by brands, and businesses need a strong brand differentiation that can be translated for content marketing. Branded content especially in multi-media formats such as video content is a global wave that is hitting the Indian audience. We will be sharing more insights on video and other branded content formats in our brand thinking section.

    Services covered

    1.   Branded content strategy
    2.   Content marketing
    3.   Branded content planning and liaison
    4.   Branded content innovation

  • Media Planning

    Media channels have a wide and deep reach in the market yet expensive for a business to spend consistently. A clear, strategic brand and marketing plan can help businesses to optimize its media outreach and choose media channels carefully. Startups and businesses typically that don’t have a clear strategic roadmap tend to burn more capital on media channels for marketing. Media planning is not just about maximizing return on marketing investment but also how to leverage media spend for other parallel digital and offline marketing activities. Media planning is more dynamic and flexible as the media strategy needs to be determined along with the marketing and digital strategy.

    Services covered

    1.   Media planning
    2.   Media strategy

    Brand capital is our media partner that offers startups and businesses with strong media channels for marketing.

  • PR & Reputation Management

    Public relations as a marketing function needs a strong brand foundation to define its “brand tone and language” to maintain authenticity. PR also requires clear positioning and strategy which trickles from the brand strategy and not independently as a marketing initiative which startups often don’t consider when they plan PR for their company. With growing digital media, offline and online presence of brand across channels, reputation management is an important area for a business and its team to maintain credibility. A brand with clarity of purpose, role and its impact can manage its reputation over a period of time more positively (crisis, big wins and changes). PR management has two dimensions: first, the brand properties which can be leveraged for PR activities. Second, optimizing PR for all marketing channels and activities.

    PR strategy also requires a consistent effort aligned to the brand strategy.

    Services covered

    1.   PR strategy
    2.   Reputation management approach
    3.   Leadership branding and its PR

  • Design

    A unique brand experience can be delivered by quality and creative design led business. A coherent design strategy and its execution can get customer’s attention and engages them effectively. We cover strategy in experiential design, UX design and branding based design collaterals, bringing various agencies to execute larger scope of design.

    Services covered

    1.   Design strategy
    2.   Design language based on brand strategy
    3.   Design thinking workshops
    4.   Consumer branding & packaging
    5.   UI & UX design
    6.   Experiential design

  • Retail Experience

    Retail experience on online platforms and offline formats need to be a seamless experience for a brand. With our experience in B2C market, e-commerce and Indian retail sector, we consult on relevant strategies that help businesses to position and reach out more effectively to its customers across retail formats and channels. Startups and businesses need to execute brand strategy that anchors retail, how retail strategy can be translated that keeps consumer behavior and engagement as experiential driven. Retail strategy and experience needs to be aligned with other marketing functions seamlessly.

    Services covered

    1.   Retail strategy
    2.   Ecommerce strategy
    3.   Retail experience & design
    4.   Retail branding & marketing strategy

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