Inksedge offers a range of designer invitation cards online in categories such as wedding cards (Hindu, Christian to Islamic wedding collections), baby shower invites, kids first birthday cards, milestone events, money envelopes, thank you cards and festival cards.

Consumers in metro are willing to pay extra for quality products and the convenience that has led to boom in online shopping and ecommerce growth in India. We see that with shopping fashion online, delivery of groceries to traveling within the city through mobile app. Technology is playing a role more than just the convenience of varieties, choices. It brings personalisation at your fingertips and designer products available online are catering to Indian consumer’s requirements. Inksedge, an online designer invitation platform is cracking this combination of convenience and high degree of personalisation for Indian consumers.

The project involved understand the overall process of brand, marketing, website/platform and products to be in-sync with each other for brand building purpose. The consulting project involved working with the existing internal team to drive standardization in brand and marketing, bringing design process and streamline digital marketing cycle for the team. The consulting also involved creating a PR strategy and crafting its message aligned to the brand positioning.

Ecommerce, Designer Invitation Cards, B2C Market, Brand Consulting, Marketing, Digital Marketing, PR, Design Consulting, Strategy

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