“Brand brings stability to business in an unpredictable market.”

  • Why Brand Lab?

      The only brand centric lab in India offering a multi-disciplinary approach across marketing functions to build distinct brand led businesses in a competitive and unpredictable market.

      Lean model of hiring strategists and guidance for execution of brand building and management activities. We don’t just strategise but guide, support in execution to build long-term brand value.

      One-stop-shop for an overarching strategy that cuts across brand, design, PR, retail and marketing functions. The strategy gives direction to various agencies and resources engaged with the business to “collectively” build a brand.

      Offering consumer and industry driven strategy in helping startups to standardize its brand allowing them to scale consistently across marketing channels.

  • Why Brand led marketing?

    Marketing and sales for any business is clueless without a direction. The direction needs a purpose, vision and positioning that transforms a business to a brand. Marketing extension through digital, retail, design experience, media, PR or traditional marketing have one common ingredient that connect the dots, build consistency across channels to engage the target audience… BRAND STRATEGY

      Brand strategy and its management creates a single reference for the company to lead all its marketing activities coherently.

      Brand led marketing allows multiple teams in the business to monitor and protect the brand (and its business) from dilution, misuse or controversy, across various agencies, mediums or channels.

    –  Brand led marketing allows the company to bring focus to its customers, focus in its value proposition in the market to manage competition.


    Read more in our brand thinking section about brand led marketing.

  • Brand building for start ups

    Startups need more than a logo or brand creation. The survival chances of a startup is its ability to build a charismatic brand to attract and retain a larger base of customers beyond the first stage of customer “acquisition”. Brand building is a strategic tool and process to accelerate growth of a startup.

    Distinct for customers

    When a startup is looking at acquiring, retaining and growing their customer base, the business needs to stand out. A differentiated offer of your product/ service is not enough but needs to stand as a brand which is ‘distinct’ as an experience.

    Differentiation from competitors

    In a competitive market, the startup needs to be distinct for their customer as a brand and differentiated from competitor brands. Differentiation as a brand (not just for its product/service) is also required among competing brands for influence and growth of the business in the target market.

    Spend budget with short term outcome and long-term growth both

    Startups don’t really plan the optimal budget for brand and marketing that gets the desired results. The startup either pushes for short-term outcomes which is misaligned with brand building or doesn’t measure the long-term goals or ignores long-term benefits of brand building. Brand building is a long-term exercise and marketing helps achieve the short-term outcomes based on strategic brand direction. Startup needs to combine both to steer the brand and marketing strategy that reaps quarter, annual and year on year growth rate.

    Better brand equity > better value in market

    Startup at various stage of growth is raising capital and investors not only closely study the revenue sheets but also observe the startup ‘brand value’ in the market. Brand equity has been globally recognized and annually measured as part of the company value in global or region-specific market.

  • Brand management for businesses

    Brand creation and building a brand is not enough to engage your customers or competing in the market. As the business grows, the complexities of marketing and managing the brand also grows. Brand management is still not completely understood by many startups and businesses beyond growth stage in India. Brand lab addresses this challenge through strategic consulting in brand management for startups/ business at or beyond growth stage.

    What are the key ingredients for strategic brand management?

    – Team (brand & marketing, business leadership)
    – Brand/ organisation culture
    – Brand strategy and company access to creative resources
    – Organization structure that inter-link functions
    – Agility of team to strategise and execute

    Importance of brand management?

    – Quality brand management creates competitive advantage in an unpredictable market.
    – Retains customer and their engagement with the brand.
    – Allowing pivot and changes to brand/ marketing activities based on the business performance
    – Allows category innovation, sub-brand management, leadership branding.


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